Family Trees

History is made by people and people are part of families. Millions of people have become interested in family history – e.g. Ancestry or My Heritage. It is always interesting to know how people in our church are related to others with different names. It may be less common now, but a look at Nancy’s or Carol’s show several interesting interrelationships. Not everyone is related to a famous person or an early person in our church, but family relationships can provoke interest among members and friends in the church.  For instance, Pastor Carl always quotes Rev. Dickerman, originally from Hamden – a name going way back in New Haven area history. In our 1969 Church Directory, a Dickerman was a long—time member (and married to my WHHS math teacher). I think they could be related!

Looking at our family histories can reveal interesting connections between church members and friends and the wider community.  If you would like to submit your family tree to be added to our collection, contact Church Historian Steve Hildrich through the church office.  If possible, family trees should be in Word format, not PDF or other format, Steve will work with you if there is an issue.  You can also join the conversation as a part of the Members and Friends of FCCWH group on Facebook.

Nancy Edwards

Carol Memmott

Steve Hildrich

Marianne (Boswell) Stern

Frances "Fran" C Stratton