Book Sale

The used Book Sale is located in the church basement underneath the sanctuary, and is open from 9AM - 2 PM once a month from March to December. The prices are $2 for a hard cover book and $1 for a paperback book. Children's books are $1 and $.50. All the proceeds of the book sale go directly to the church's current expenses.

The Book Sale was originally founded by the Married Couples Club. It was revitalized in 1997 and is now run by five very faithful women. 


All books come from generous donations; if you have books you would like to contribute contact us for more information.  The Book Sale stocks a wide variety of books including romance, biography, mystery, and more, however it does not accept text books, magazines, or encyclopedias.



Verna, Gert, Sandy, Maureen, and Phyllis will be here every month to help find the right book for you!