West Haven Emergency Assistance Task Force

The West Haven Emergency Assistance Taskforce was founded in 1975 by the West Haven Clergy Association as a central place where West Haven residents in crisis could go for food, instead of going from congregation to congregation. The Clergy Association established WHEAT as a charity whose foundation is not based on just feeding people, but on the belief that everyone has a right to food, shelter, clothing, and a living wage.

Today they provide help to over 5,000 of our neighbors in need, including 1,000 children.  WHEAT is a volunteer agency with a full time executive director and part time secretary. It is only through their hard work and the generosity of our community that allows WHEAT to exist. The faithfulness of community support has kept their doors open even as the number of people who need assistance continues to grow each year.  WHEAT depends on food and monetary donations, including grants from various foundations. 80% of their food comes from the Connecticut Food Bank; the rest comes from food drives held in West Haven and neighboring towns.

Visit their website here to learn more.